Sticky DiMascio / March 23, 2021

RIPUL 2021 - Survey Responses & Captain's Application


Thank you very much to those that filled out our COVID survey in regards to playing this summer. Based on the numbers, it looks like a majority of people would still be interested in playing, so we are cautiously optimistic about having a season. That being said, we are going to proceed under the assumption that, with vaccine rollout and our proposed safety measures, we will be able to play this summer! Things can obviously change from week to week, so don't be surprised if we have last minute changes that go on in the coming months.

One of the first things we like to take care of is finding captains for the season. Last season, the Equity Committee created a new Captain's Application for potential captains to fill out. We found it was a good way to gauge interest, and make sure we are allowing people to captain who we feel would do a good job leading, promoting equity, and making sure all players have a fun and safe summer. The application link is below, and if you are interested, please fill it out! If you don't have a co-captain in mind, that's fine; we can add you to the pool of single captains and can help pair you up with someone else in the pool. If you think you would be interested, feel free to fill it out! If you aren't 100% sure, you are welcome to withdraw your application at any time; no judgement or consequences!

We aren't 100% sure when regular signups will go live, but we will make sure we give everyone the exact time and date like we did last year. We will try to send out at least 2 reminders (via email and posting on Facebook) beforehand, so no one gets left out.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

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