Sticky DiMascio / April 2, 2021

RIPUL 2021 - Season Update & Captain's Application


The Board has discussed a few things about the season, so below are a list of updates.

1) Captains Application We are still looking for captains for this coming season. Historically, captains have paid a lower price, due to their responsibilities of drafting their team, leading, etc. This year, however, it has been decided that captains will play for FREE instead. Seeing as there will be more responsibilities to tend to this season, we feel it is fair to offer this compensation to them. Application link is below if you want to sign up! Remember; you can always change your mind later if you want to drop out. Feel free to reach out to me ( if you have any questions about captaining; logistics, drafting, responsibilities, etc.

2) Jersey Designs As always, each year, our jersey designs are created by players, and the winning jersey designer gets into RIPUL for free. We are opening the jersey design contest now, and you can submit as many designs as you like; the more you submit, the higher your chance of winning! Please submit them as a PDF to: We will be accepting them until Sunday May 2nd, so be sure to get them in before then!

3) Signups and Start Date Due to COVID and the vaccine rollout, we don't think starting on time is very prudent. Therefore, instead of starting on Memorial Day, we will most likely start in mid June; a likely start date is tentatively set for Monday June 14th, but that is not set in stone. We also do not have a set day for signups yet, but we will be figuring out what day and time it will be at. We will send out another email or 2 beforehand to make sure everyone has a good heads up of when they go live. At the moment, we are looking at late April / early May.

We hope everyone is excited to get back to playing! Be on the lookout for the signup emails in the coming weeks! Stay healthy and socially distant!

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