Sticky DiMascio / April 23, 2021

RIPUL 2021 - Mixed Signups - 1 Week Notice!!


RIPUL Mixed signups go live in ONE WEEK!! Our plan is to go live on Friday April 30th at 7pm!

For those new to the league, here is the relevant information you will need to know:

  1. Cost is going to be $90, and will include 18 games, jersey, disc, and pizza & watermelon at the tournament (assuming we will be able to have one).

  2. Games will be played every Monday and Wednesday from 6:15-dusk, starting on Monday June 14th and playing through Wednesday August 11th. Games are played at the Cole St athletic fields in Seekonk, and the Lincoln School fields in Rehoboth. There will (ideally) be an end of year tournament on Saturday August 14th, held at the Rehoboth Youth Soccer fields. All field locations are on the RIPUL website.

  3. RIPUL is open to players of all skill levels! Beginners, elite level players, and anyone in between! RIPUL prides itself on being a fun league where people of all ages and skill levels can learn and play together, and have a blast playing ultimate all summer!

  4. Due to COVID, we will have several safety regulations in place. We will require masks on and off the field, no spectators on the sidelines, players should remain distanced on the sideline, etc. We would also recommend NOT attending the Merrill after games (as sad as that is to say). These regulations ARE subject to change before or during the season, and we will send out a full list before the season starts.

A few things to note about signups:

  1. To prepare, you should go to and create an account beforehand (top right hand corner of the screen). It only takes a moment, and will help you sign up faster. Be sure to upload a good picture as well; it will help the captains during the draft process.

  2. We ONLY accept payment through Paypal: No Venmo, no checks, no cash. Everything is done online, so we can get everyone accepted ASAP. If you do not have a Paypal account, you should create one; it only takes a few minutes. When you do send in the money via Paypal, please be sure to follow the instructions: send money to friends/family and COPY & PASTE your email and player ID into the 'note' section, so we can make sure to match each player application and payment. PLEASE REMEMBER TO DO THIS!!

  3. When you sign up, there will be 4 steps: signing the Community Agreement, signing the Waiver, filling out the application, and then paying via Paypal (the site should automatically redirect you to the Paypal page). Please be HONEST about your application information; it's not funny or appropriate to sandbag your skills while we are aiming for parity when drafting teams. Please note that not all baggages will be accepted; we do NOT accept baggages for people who need to carpool. We only allow baggages for: people who are married/dating, family baggages, or a brand new player to ultimate with a veteran. We will email everyone to let them know if their baggage is accepted or denied.

  4. Once everything is entered and payment is received, you will get an email saying that you have been accepted. This email MAY get caught in your spam/junk filter, so please be sure to check there for it. You should hear back relatively quickly. Please don't email/text/message me about being accepted: please wait for the automated email.

We ARE still staying with our discount / referral program for women that are new to RIPUL; any women new to the league only have to pay $50, and if you recruit a new woman, you will get $20 off your fee. We ask that you (the recruiter) still pay full price when signing up, and we will issue the refund once everything is squared away.

For those looking to play more ultimate, we have made the sad decision to not host an Open league this year. We are focusing all our efforts on Mixed, and are aiming to bring Open league back in 2022!

That should be it for now! Be sure to be by your computers next Friday evening! We will send out another email / Facebook post when everything goes live! Good luck and hope to see you all on the fields!

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