Sticky DiMascio / May 1, 2021

RIPUL 2021 - Mixed Signups - Waitlist


Signups were last night, and looks like spots went incredibly quickly! If you received an automated email, that means you are in the league! If you did NOT receive one, that means you are on the waitlist.

We currently have enough players for 12 teams. However, if we get more women to sign up, we can add 2 more teams and take some men off the waitlist. If anyone knows any women that want to play, have them sign up ASAP!

We will give a deadline of this coming Monday, May 3rd to close registration. If we do not get enough women to sign up by then, we will leave it at 12 teams. After that point, if you are on the waitlist, we will refund your money back to you. So please be patient as we try to make the push for more teams.

Spread the word, and hope to see you on the fields!

<3 Sticky