Sticky DiMascio / August 12, 2021



This season really flew by! Congrats to team Kelly and captains Emet & Brianna for winning the regular season!

Hope everyone is ready for the tournament! All games will be played at the Rehoboth Youth Soccer fields in Rehoboth (directions are on the RIPUL site). There is a large lot to park in, but if that gets full, feel free to park along the streets. Please do not park so you block other people in. Please remember; NO DOGS NO ALCOHOL.

The tournament format will be pool play, with 2 pools of 3 and 2 pools of 4. Pools and game times are listed in the doc linked below. Pool play games will start at 8:45am, 10:25am, and 12:05pm. Pools A and B will be played to 15, while Pools C & D will be played to 13. All games will have 1 TO & a floater, and will ONLY have hard cap at 90 minutes (no soft cap). Semis will start at 1:45pm, and ideally finals at 3:25pm. There will be pizza and watermelon served at the finals. We will have a short awards ceremony held after finals; we will hand out trophies to the winning team, the winners of our other various awards ( and the Rising Star Scholarship winner! Nominees for the various awards are listed in the doc below as well!

We do recognize that there is some troubling weather in the forecast for Saturday. We will play through the rain, but if there is lightning we will have delays. We will keep everyone posted on any developments that come up.

Matty will have RIPUL discs for sale at the tournament. HQ will have water jugs and porta potties.

There will also be tournament brackets this year! Since we were not able to have our annual mixer, this will be our fundraiser. Brackets will be $2 and it will be 50/50; winning bracket will take home half, and the other half will go towards the Rising Star Scholarship fund. Link is below, with Venmo instructions; limit 1 per person! Your bracket will NOT count unless we have the money! Open for anyone to play!

After the tournament, people are welcome to the gather at The Guild beer hall in Pawtucket ( We will not have the large space to ourselves like we have in the past, but they are setting some space aside for us. Everyone is welcome; SOs, family, even dogs! You CAN still come if you are not 21; you will just not be served. There will be live music, games, and an abundance of fun times! Be sure to come hang out and close out the season with everyone!

Good luck to everyone on Saturday!

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