Sticky DiMascio / January 6, 2022

RIPUL 2022 - Board Elections Update


I know we had mentioned having Board elections in the week before New Years. Turns out that we only received (1) nomination for a new board member. So congratulate Jon Greenberg as the newest RIPUL Board member! We are excited to have him come aboard!

That being said, since we only had one nominee, there will obviously be no elections. However, there is still (1) spot open for a female-matching player on the Board. We are going to open up the nominees again for ONE WEEK for any female-matching player that would like to join. If no one signs up, then we will carry on without one. If only one person nominates themselves, then they will get the spot. If 2 or more sign up, then we will have elections to vote between those members. So if you are interested, fill out the form below. Nominee window closes on Thursday January 13th!

Let us know if you have any questions. Contact forms for each committee are listed on the RIPUL site ( Thanks everyone!

<3 Sticky