Sticky DiMascio / April 30, 2021

RIPUL 2021 - Mixed Signups - TONIGHT @ 7pm!


Today is the day! Mixed signups go LIVE tonight at 7pm! Hope everyone is excited for the season, assuming we'll get to play! This is a long email, but has a lot of important information, so be sure to read it all.

For those new to the league, here is the relevant information you will need to know:

  1. The league plays on Mondays and Wednesdays, from ~6:15 to dusk, starting on June 14th and ending on August 11th. The end of season tournament (provided we can have one) will be on Saturday August 14th, and will last all day. Games will be played at the Cole Street fields in Seekonk and the Lincoln School fields in Rehoboth. Field locations are located on the RIPUL site.

  2. Cost is $90 to play. Cost includes 18 games + tournament (again, provided we can have one), jersey, disc, and pizza & watermelon at the finals. If you are a woman brand new to RIPUL, you only have to pay $50. If you recruit a new woman to the league, you will get $20 off (there is a place to note this on the application; please pay the full $90 when you sign up, and we will issue refunds later for recruits).

  3. RIPUL is open to players of all skill levels! Beginners, elite level players, and anyone in between! RIPUL prides itself on being a fun league where people of all ages and skill levels can learn and play together, and have a blast playing ultimate all summer!

  4. Due to COVID, we will have several safety regulations in place. We will require masks on and off the field, no spectators on the sidelines, players should remain distanced on the sideline, etc. We would also recommend NOT attending the Merrill after games (as sad as that is to say). These regulations ARE subject to change before or during the season, and we will send out a full list before the season starts.

A few things to note:

  1. We are aiming for the gender ratio for RIPUL Mixed 2021 to be 4/3 ONLY! We have been pushing this for a few years now, and hoping that it will be a success this year! This will all depend on the number of women that sign up, so nothing is 100% set in stone.

  2. Be sure to create your account on the RIPUL site ahead of time! We've heard that people may have issues logging in, so be sure to try different browsers when doing so; that typically solves the problem. Please add a picture to your account too; this will help the captains during the draft process.

  3. We will NOT be sending out another email tonight when the site is open to register. This Announce platform does not send immediate emails, so by the time you could potentially receive the email, signups will have already been underway. We WILL post on Facebook when they are live, since people can see that right away. Just be ready to go at 7PM tonight! The RIPUL homepage will have a link to click when registration is open.

  4. For payment, we are ONLY accepting Paypal; no Venmo, no checks, no cash, etc. Be sure to create an account beforehand. When paying, please pay with 'Friends/Family' and be sure to COPY AND PASTE your RIPUL ID / email into the note section. Since some people's Paypal and ID emails may not match, or people may pay for other players, we want to make sure the payment matches the RIPUL ID and we mark off the correct players as paid and accepted.

  5. Once you sign both agreements, fill out the application, and pay, you will get an automated email that you have been accepted. Be sure to check your spam filter; it is an automated email, so it could get caught in there. You should get a reply somewhat quickly, so be on the lookout for that. PLEASE DO NOT message/email/text/etc me asking if you are accepted; just be patient and wait for the email.


Due to COVID and the results of our survey, we are imagining a lower player turnout this year. That being said, we are starting out with only having 12 teams instead of the usual 16. However, we do have captain sets in reserve if we get enough interest (especially women) to add more teams. There will be a counter on the RIPUL site that shows the number of open slots (per gender), which will be set for 12 teams. If you see the counter is a low number or even 0, STILL SIGN UP!! If we get enough interest during signups, we WILL take the first people off the waitlist to add to the new teams. In a perfect world, we will get up to 16 teams like normal. This will all depend on the number of women that sign up, so if you know any women that want to play, encourage them to sign up!!

That should be it! Be at your computers for 7pm tonight and be ready! Spots can go incredibly quickly, so be ready for that. Once the league fills (with either 12, 14, or 16 teams), we will leave people on the wait list, in case anyone drops out before the draft.

Good luck everyone! Hope to see you on the fields!

<3 Sticky