RIPUL Community Agreement

During the time period in which you play for RIPUL, you must agree to act in accordance with the below commitments: on the field and in all other settings together. Any violation of this Community Agreement will result in action taken towards the steps listed in the RIPUL Complaint Policy.

For all players and administrators

I agree to treat others’ bodies with respect.

  • I will not play in a way that endangers myself or others on the field.
  • I will ask permission before making physical contact with another player outside of game play.
  • I will not engage in sexual misconduct, harassment, or assault as defined by the US court of law. If I witness or hear about any violations I will report them to Administration through the Reporting Form ASAP.

I will speak to others with respect.

  • I will abstain from using exclusively male-gendered terms to describe players of all gender identities.
  • I will not use derogatory or oppressive language in any communication with teammates.
  • I will communicate with my teammates with compassion and encouragement.
  • I will consider everyone’s diverse backgrounds and experiences when choosing my language.

I am committed to making sure all players get equal or proportionate playing time.

  • I will enthusiastically follow the gender ratio as written or as agreed upon.
  • I will support teammates who are learning the sport and ensure them ample opportunities to grow as ultimate players.

I will treat others with respect as athletes.

  • I will take others seriously on the field regardless of identity, whether I am deciding who to pass to on offense, or who to guard on defense.
  • I will make space for all players to play in any position they choose.

I will embody and respect ‘spirit of the game’ when interacting on the field and on the sidelines.

I will foster a community that is welcoming to players of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, sexualities, abilities, and experience levels in all my interactions as a RIPUL member.

For captains

As a captain I will make decisions with my co-captain that promote equity within the program.

  • I will act as a mentor to my teammates.
  • I will establish an environment that is safe for learning.
  • I will work to build comradery and team spirit.
  • I will complete and follow the guidelines as instructed in the mandatory Training course.

For administrators

As an administrator I will uphold the mission of the RIPUL.

  • I will market RIPUL to a diverse range of people to create an inclusive community.
  • I will use inclusive language in all RIPUL communications and forms.
  • I will increase efforts to establish a balanced gender ratio within the league.
  • I will receive training to investigate complaints properly, according to the RIPUL Complaint policy.
  • I commit to enforce this agreement by taking reports and disclosures of violations seriously.