Equity committee:
(Ana Alejandre, Chris Higgins, Gregory Ohnemus, Nakita Guerrouxo, Oliver Khamky)

Fund committee:

Scholarship committee:


League admin:
(Matty Brier, Sticky DiMascio)

RIPUL board:
(Ariel Shaw, Chris Bloom, Donnelly Roberts, Jamie Rhodes, Jon Greenberg, Kait Thibault, Kim Mahan, Matty Brier, Sticky DiMascio)

Mailing lists

There's a general mailing list for RIPUL announcements, especially between seasons, and there's a mailing list each year per division, for example RIPUL Mixed 2021. These mailing lists are for league announcements only—they don't accept submissions, and mail sent to them goes to the site admin address.

To join or leave a mailing list, please send email to You will receive an invite in your email that you need to accept, before you start to receive mail from the list.