Equity committee:
(Ana Alejandre, Andy Apperson, Chris Higgins, Nakita Guerrouxo, Iman Hussain, Oliver Khamsky, Nikki Silva, Zane Wolfang)

Fund committee:

Scholarship committee:


League admin:
(Matty Brier, Sticky DiMascio, Aron Griffis)

RIPUL board:
(Anna Carr, Jon Greenberg, Matty Brier, Steve Panasuik, Sticky DiMascio, Sydney Lombardi, Zach Raso)

Mailing lists

You can self-subscribe to the general announcements list on Google Groups.

There are also lists for each league by division and year. You should be subscribed automatically when you register, but you can self-manage your subscription, for example see RIPUL Mixed 2024.

All RIPUL mailing lists are for league announcements only—they don't accept submissions except by league admins.