Sticky DiMascio / August 16, 2021

End of Season Recap & Survey


Well, another great year of RIPUL is in the books! Congrats to team Kelly and captains Emet and Brianna for winning the tournament!

All scores for the tournament are listed in the document below, for those that are interested:

For those that did not attend the Guild on Saturday night, here are the award winners for the season:

  • Female-Matching Most Improved: Alyssa Dunrud (Kelly)
  • Male-Matching Most Improved: Max Read (Lime)
  • Cory (Layout) Award: Paul Warmington (Pink)
  • Franzy (Teammate) Award: Laura Blanchette (Navy)
  • Torres (Skys) Award: Matt Pacenka (Pink)
  • Female-Matching Toby (MVP): Tiana Rodrigues (Atomic)
  • Male-Matching Toby (MVP): Joe Ribaudo (White)
  • Rising Star Scholarship Winner: Analise Castillo (Red)
  • Best Team Spirit Scores: Team Pink
  • Tournament Bracket Winner: Mike Bradley (Red) ($36 to him, $118 in donations to the Rising Star Scholarship!)

We do have a survey that we want people to fill out. It is completely anonymous, and is a good way to voice your opinions on the league. We use this information to figure out what changes to make going forward, so be sure to fill it out! The data from the survey will not be given to the league officers or to captains. Greg Ohnemus (from Orange) will take the raw data and will create several graphs, charts, and tables which will be sent to the league officers. All open responses will be stripped of any personal information and sent to the league officers separately. Your feedback is so important to the direction of the league and we promise to ensure anything you say (nice or not) will not be linked to you!

Some very thoughtful players/friends have created an e-card for Jason Schwartz, and we think it would be incredibly nice to have as many people sign it as possible. Jason is still in the hospital and improving, and we want to keep him in our thoughts. Please sign the card when you have a chance! It will be emailed to him TONIGHT so please do that ASAP!

Last and certainly not least, there are so many people to thank to make this season possible. The Equity Committee for tallying up all the Spirit Scores and creating the end of year survey, & the RIPUL Board for making tough decisions / handling pre-season COVID issues / anything that came up before & during the season. More personal thanks go out to: Dan Gibson and Donnelly Roberts for helping out at the draft, Joe Ribaudo and Chris Bloom for handling all the Scholarship applications, Matty for providing the pizza and watermelon at the finals, Amy Goldblatt for getting the Guild party set up, and Griff for keeping the website going all season. And of course, we give HUGE thanks to all the captains that led our teams this year! We had a LOT of people step up, and it's always great to see new faces come into leadership positions and help RIPUL run smoothly.

We hope everyone had a blast playing this season! RIPUL is such a great community and we are so glad you were able to be a part of it this summer! We will be back in 2022, and hopefully be back to full 16 teams! See everyone next summer!

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