Sticky DiMascio / December 1, 2021

RIPUL 2022 - Board Election Nominations


The time has come! Linked below is the RIPUL Board Nomination form. We will give everyone 2 weeks to get their nominations in; deadline will be December 15th.

Just a reminder of the duties that Board members will have in 2022:

  • Anything that may come up during the season (weather cancellations, COVID issues, etc)
  • Escalations from the Equity Committee
  • Draft prep / baggage requests
  • Coordination with other RIPUL committees (Equity, funD, etc)
  • Creating board structures and governance

After we get all the nominations in, we will send out a form for everyone to cast their votes. The top female-matching and male-matching winners will be announced shortly after.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Contact info is listed here; ( Thank you!

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