Sticky DiMascio / April 9, 2019

Signups - 1 Week Warning!


This is your friendly reminder that RIPUL Mixed 2019 signups will go live NEXT WEEK on Tuesday the 16th. We will send out another email to let people know ASAP, as well as posting on Facebook. Be sure to follow all the directions (signing, paying, etc) to the letter to secure your spot!

Some important things to note:

1) Not all baggage requests will be accepted. We typically allow the following:

  • Family members
  • Veteran player with brand new player
  • Couples (married, dating, engaged, etc)
Please do not request other players that do not fit this criteria: carpooling baggages will not be accepted, as the fields are not incredibly far apart.

2) There will be pickup on Wednesday May 15th and May 22nd starting at 6pm, at the Lincoln School fields in Rehoboth (see the RIPUL site for directions). We will also have a learning clinic during those days as well: all ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to come! We will let you know who to reach out to in our email next week.

3) Women that have never played RIPUL before are allowed to sign up for $50, as opposed to $90. Anyone who recruits a new female player will get $20 off their entry. For anyone who is recruiting players, please pay the full amount when you sign up, and we will reimburse you later once the league is filled.

4) We are still looking for jersey submissions! Please send them in to before April 24th. The winning submission gets to play for free!

Be sure to be near your computer/phone next Tuesday! Spots are going to go incredibly fast this year!

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