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Nick Reed
Height: 6' 0"
Sex: M
Current captain


2012 Nick Reed (Texas), Captain with Scott Lemos, 15-5
2011 Nick Reed (Maroon), Captain with Tom Confort, 11-11
2010 Nick Reed (Navy), Captains: Randy Hall, Maddie Filloux, Champion, 9-11
2009 Nick Reed (Royal), Captain with Scott Mathieu, 11-10
2008 Nick Reed (Tan), Captain with Brendan Shean, Champion, 15-5
2007 Nick Reed (Black), Captains: Carolyn Ernst, Alan Lapre, Champion, 12-6, Male Toby Award
2006 Nick Reed (White), Captains: June Park, Scott Mathieu, Champion, 17-2
2013 Nick Reed (Silver), Captain with Steve Panasuik, Runner-Up, 16-6
2014 Gabriel Dumont
2015 Nick Reed, Captains: Stephen Kahler
2016 Nicholas Reed (Maroon), Captains: Tom Dougherty, Katie Bernazzani, 14-7
2017 Nick Reed (Gold), Captains: Sticky DiMascio, Julienne Desrosiers, 14-7
2018 Nick Reed (Navy), Captains: Jodi Robert, Mat Little, Champion, 17-4

Attendance: 60%-80%
Missing: Have a wedding on tournament day. It's in Prov, don't know time. Ask me at the draft for update.
Attend tournament: Maybe