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Shaun Doherty
Height: 5' 11"
Sex: M


2012 shaun doherty (Graphite), Captain with Dan DiMascio, Champion, 17-3
2011 Shaun Doherty (Gold), Captain with Dan DiMascio, Claire Staines, 20-2
2010 Shaun Doherty (Kelly), Captain with Catherine Juskuv, Dan DiMascio, 18-4
2009 Shaun Doherty (Red), Captains: Graeme O'Connell, Allie DeSisto, Tom Confort, 13-8
2008 shaun doherty (Kelly), Captains: Adam Crawley, Dan DiMascio, 9-11
2013 Shaun Doherty (White), Captain with Sticky DiMascio, Champion, 18-4
2014 Shaun Doherty (Safety Yellow), Captains: Sticky DiMascio, Kara Ramos, 13-8
2015 Shaun Doherty (Gold), Captains: Stephen Kahler, 9-13
2016 Shaun Doherty (Maroon), Captains: Tom Dougherty, Katie Bernazzani, 14-7
2017 Shaun Doherty (Lime Shock), Captains: Alyssa Doner, Daniel Roach, 2-19
2018 Shaun Doherty (Orange), Captains: Claire Hoogeboom, Jared Dimascio, 5-16

Attendance: 40%-60%
Missing: will prob miss a lot. wedding coming up and playing slow white. no guarantees on tourny
Attend tournament: Maybe