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Mike Alice
Height: 6' 0"
Sex: M


2012 mike alice (Sand), Captain with Claire Staines, 6-14
2006 Mike Alice (Light Blue), Captains: Scott Wiant, Tanja Wiant, 6-11
2007 Mike Alice (Pink), Captains: Kit Wallach, Matt Wessler, 7-9-1
2008 Mike Alice (Black), Captains: Emily Troiano, Paul Albert, Dan Cavanagh, 1-19
2009 Mike Alice (Red), Captains: Graeme O'Connell, Allie DeSisto, Tom Confort, 13-8
2010 Mike Alice (Purple), Captains: Graeme O'Connell, Tom Confort, Claire Staines, 4-18
2011 Mike Alice (Purple), Captain with Pete Skwirz, 8-14
2013 mike alice (Silver), Captains: Nick Reed, Steve Panasuik, Runner-Up, 16-6
2017 MIke Alice (Neon Yellow), Captains: Katherine West, Devin Kosowan, 8-13
2018 Mike Alice (Orange), Captains: Claire Hoogeboom, Jared Dimascio, 5-16

Attendance: 60%-80%
Missing: ?
Attend tournament: Probably