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Melanie Leary
Height: 5' 6"
Sex: F


2012 Melanie Leary (Forest), Captain with Matt Anderson, 5-15
2011 Melanie Leary (Forest), Captains: Kayla Rivard, Matt Anderson, 10-12
2010 Melanie Leary (Orange), Captains: kayla rivard, Bobby Viscardi, 12-10
2009 Melanie Leary (Red), Captains: Graeme O'Connell, Allie DeSisto, Tom Confort, 13-8
2013 Melanie Leary (Purple), Captains: Donnelly Roberts, Taylor Strickland, 10-12
2014 Melanie Leary (Lime), Captains: Jamie Rhodes, Perry Gast, 18-3
2015 Melanie LeAry, Captains: Stephen Kahler
2016 Melanie Leary (Safety Orange), Captain with Matt Perry, Champion, 11-10
2017 Melanie Leary (Royal Blue), Captain with Matthew Perry, 16-5
2018 Melanie Leary (Maroon), Captains: Samantha Bernardi, Justin Palin, 11-10

Attendance: 60%-80%
Missing: I work late on Wednesdays dependent on how late we are scheduled.
Attend tournament: Definitely