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Jared Dimascio
Height: 5' 11"
Sex: M
Current captain


2012 Jared DiMascio (Navy), Captain with Justin Palin, 14-6
2011 Jared DiMascio (Forest), Captains: Kayla Rivard, Matt Anderson, 10-12, Cory Award
2010 Jared DiMascio (White), Captains: Justine Bucci, Isaac Peters-Cooper, AJ Hutchins, 15-6
2009 Jared DiMascio (Purple), Captains: Mike Bradley, Jamie Rhodes, Runner-Up, 16-5
2008 Jared DiMascio (Gold), Captains: Bob Vetromile, Jon Richards, 3-17
2013 Jared DiMascio (Navy), Captain with Daniel Gruber, 7-15
2014 Jared DiMascio (White), Captain with Harriet Booth, 7-14
2015 Jared DiMascio (Forest), Captains: Heather O'Neill, Sam Stefanik, 4-18
2016 Jared DiMascio (Purple), Captains: Donnelly Roberts, Karen Babbitt, 6-15
2017 Jared Dimascio (Atomic Blue), Captains: Jamie Rhodes, Ariel Shaw, 6-15
2018 Jared Dimascio (Orange), Captain with Claire Hoogeboom, 5-16

Attendance: >80%
Missing: No
Attend tournament: Probably