RIPUL Board / May 27, 2022

RIPUL Mixed 2022 - Games Start Monday!!


RIPUL is right around the corner! Hope everyone is excited to start their summers off right!

A few notes that we want people to be aware of before the season gets underway:

  1. If we have to cancel games for any reason (usually due to rain downpours), we will try to make a call by 12-1pm that day. We will send out an email via the Announce List (make sure you are a part of that), and will also make sure captains reiterate it to their players. This doesn’t happen often, but we want to make sure folks know we have a plan in place for it.

  2. We will be sticking with RIPUL’s policy of NO ZONE for the first 2 weeks (4 games) of the season. Bracketing defense will also be included in this.

  3. Due to jersey shortages, we will unfortunately not have jerseys available for game 1 like we have in the past. They will likely come in for week 2. In the meantime, captains will let teams know if they are going WHITE or DARK for the evening. Remember that GRAY is typically not a good color to wear, as it could be considered a shade of both white and dark.

  4. RIPUL will be instituting a Dangerous Play policy this year. This has been added to help promote safe game play, and to protect our players. The full policy is located on the RIPUL site. It will be a 3 strike policy, so please be sure to read through it before playing this season.

  5. Schedule and field locations are up on the RIPUL site. If you need to work out carpooling/ride sharing, please use the Google Sheet to find/offer a ride.

  6. This year, the Equity Committee will be adding a “Spirit Feedback” Form, which is up on the RIPUL site as well (under We want to emphasize Spirit of the Game on and off the field. This form allows you to shoutout players and teams who exemplify Spirit of the Game. It also allows you to provide feedback for players and teams who could use some improvement. Whether something made your RIPUL experience better, something negatively impacted your RIPUL experience, or if you believe someone acted outside of the RIPUL Community Agreement, we encourage you to fill out this form. Please view the form for examples of things (positive or negative) that you could use the form for.

Feedback may be shared with RIPUL captains to help improve the overall RIPUL community and create solutions that make a more equitable league. Confidentiality is an option so that feedback will not be handled in an undesired way by the feedback giver and be shared only with the parties stated in the report and the Referral Coordinator. Should further action be necessary, the RIPUL administrator will be notified.

That should be everything! Hope everyone is ready for another great summer of RIPUL!!