Sticky DiMascio / June 8, 2021

RIPUL Mixed 2021 - One More Week!


Games start next week!! Hope everyone is excited to finally play!!

We recommend everyone show up a bit early for game 1, so everyone can meet their team (if they haven't already). At game 1, captains will hand out jerseys and discs to each player. Speaking of, big congrats to Lindsey Moses for winning the jersey design!! Field locations and schedule are on the RIPUL site. There ARE bathrooms / porta pottys on site for each, and we are making sure they will be opened before game time.

Griff has also updated the RIPUL site to include the new league rules, COVID info, and league admin/group contacts. Again, masks will be voluntary, but we strongly urge those that have not been vaccinated to continue to wear a mask. This is an honor system thing (much like Ultimate in general) and we will not be policing it, so we urge people to do the right thing.

We have also set up a RIDE SHARE document for those that are coming from different areas. Tabs are listed on the bottom for each game day, and divided into LOOKING for a ride and OFFERING a ride. Hopefully this can help people who may not have access to reliable transportation:

In the event of bad weather / rain, there is a chance we will cancel games, to help preserve the fields. If that is the case, we typically try to make the call by 4:30pm the day of. We will email everyone via this list, post on Facebook, and also have captains remind their teams as well. So on a day with lots of rain, be sure to be by your email!

Get ready for a fun summer of ultimate!! Bring plenty of water! See everyone on the fields!!

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